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Our Commitment

Fight for animal rights

From Your Vegan Boutique , we not only want to be a company that sells its products, we want to be one of the speakers of the society that is committed to the fight for animal rights and say NO to conventional fashion to eliminate once and for all animal suffering.

We will actively collaborate with associations and animal protection entities that YOU will choose through online voting. We want to be transparent and make you participate in this exciting project that we are launching.

Our commitment will be the donation of 2€ for each purchase you make in our online store. At the beginning of each year, we will give you prominence through a vote to determine which project you want donations to go to. Once the protector or organization dedicated to the fight for animal rights has been chosen, Your Vegan Boutique, following its transparency philosophy, will publish the sales document of the year so that you can verify our commitment and that your contribution will be directed totally to the chosen project

Fight for the enviroment

At Your Vegan Boutique, we are convinced that we need to help the environment regenerate in order to leave our children a better world. A world where you can breathe clean air, swim in seas and rivers free of plastics and pollutants and where you can enjoy our forests and jungles.

Our commitment is to mitigate this negative impact on the environment. To achieve this, Your Vegan Boutique is working to reduce all new-use plastics in all its processes as much as possible, achieving 50% of its recycled plastics.

On the other hand, the selected brands and logistics operators are working to improve and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our commitment in the immediate future is to reduce the use of new-use plastics to zero.


Fight for social rights and fair trade

The world has evolved deeply during these last 60 years, social and industrial revolutions, have helped improve the quality of life of many people, but also, has chronified poverty in The least developed countries.

The Your Vegan Boutique team strongly believes in a more fair, empathic, tolerant and egalitarian society, where everyone can have a decent life.

Faithful to these values ​​and ideals, we look for and choose brands and suppliers that have the same social commitments as we do.

These companies and organizations must comply with fair trade and the circular economy . Be the worker that is and live wherever you live, you should receive a fair compensation that allows you to have a decent life .

Thank you so much for your trust and for joining the fight against animal abuse, climate change and fair trade!